Air from the Hills (chords)

(D G x8)

(D)And your (G)feet are covered in dust
(D)And your (G)eyes are welling up in tears
(D)Something (G)from you has been lifted
(D)You haven’t (G)felt as ?????? as this in years

(D)And the (G)air from the hills
(D)Reminds (G)the body that the soul is still flying
(D)And the (G)air from the hills
(D)Reminds the (G)body that the soul is still flying

(F)And as you pass (C)by
(F)I caught a sparkle (C)in your e(DG 4x))ye

And you are still singing songs
Still inspiring generations
And your vision is still strong
You never fail to break expectations

And the air from the hills
May it flow gently through you
So we breathe in our fill
And we glide on a trail
And we raise a glass to you

And as you pass by
Caught a sparkle in your eye

(D G x8)

Thanks to David Gilliver


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