I’m Sorry

This song tells exactly how, when I was, while I was
Sitting back on my deep pile reclining chair
Thinking about my life and all the good things that happened
Well it just came to mind to me that
Yeah came to mind to me that

I ain’t been treatin her too bad…too well too well

No I been pushin’ her ’round
And you know
There comes a time in every mans life when he’s got to
Look over his misdemeanours, misgivings, misfortunes and
Miss Whatever her name is ha ha

I’m sorry I’m sorry

Yeah and say you’re sorry, so I say, I’m sorry
‘Cos I been telling you lies, standing on your face
I been making you cry all over the place Lord
I should have known (known) should’ve known better
Well I could not phone (phone) but I could

I’m sorry

You know I’m crazy sorry sorry sorry baby
I think it’s time I realised get down on my knees
And apologise

Oh Lord
I didn’t know when I hurt you
I didn’t know when you cried
I didn’t know when you screamed Lord
I didn’t know when you stopped to cry

I didn’t know when you called
I didn’t know when you hurt
I didn’t know sweet Mama
I didn’t know I should
I am

I’m sorry

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